The BrowGal UK

Skinny Eyebrow Pencils

  • 01 Black
  • 01 Black
  • 02 Espresso
  • 03 Chocolate
  • 04 Medium Brown
  • 05 Taupe
  • 06 Blonde
  • Skinny Eyebrow Pencils

The BrowGal UK

Skinny Eyebrow Pencils


Carefully formulated, designed and tested by celebrity brow artist and founder Tonya Crooks over the past 13 years, The BrowGal Skinny Eyebrow Pencils are comprised of six unique custom-blended shades to perfectly match a wide variety of hair colours and emulate the look of real hair. In fact, these versatile tones easily allow anyone to find the perfect match for their hair colour.

No more creamy product that goes on to thick and unnaturally, but instead blendable pencils to easily define and shape the brow. Built to last, the innovative pencils are early call-time, rock tour and movie set tested and are sweat and water resistant. This is the must have tool Tonya uses on all her celebrities. Those kickass brows ain’t goin’ anywhere!

  • Perfect eyebrow shade matching
  • Harder lead emulates the look of real hair
  • Sweat and water resistant formula
  • All in one brow tool with spoolie brush and one-turn sharpener cap made in Germany
  • Start with a pencil to learn to draw your perfect shape before you paint it
  • Made of cedar wood for the highest quality lead
  • Tested on set and on tour with the biggest celebrities and makeup artists


Perfect eyebrow shade matching.


Sweat and water resistant formula.


Tested on set and on tour with the biggest celebrities and makeup artists.