The BrowGal, offers premier eyebrow shaping and makeup tools that provide a VIP experience for every gal’s brows.

Designed with innovation in every step by celebrity eyebrow and makeup artist Tonya Crooks, this distinctive line gives customers the chance to discover their natural brow shape and hone the look at home through customisation and education. She believes that eyebrows are like snowflakes – beautiful, delicate and totally unique. Tonya’s individualised cosmetic approach and extensive background in fine arts led her to create a revolutionary technique for creating, correcting and shaping the best brows for each person’s unique facial structure with every item in her collection. Developed after more than a decade of testing and refinement, the superior quality and patented blend of key ingredients behind each thoughtfully designed product in The BrowGal arsenal makes them a must-have for any makeup bag. Each aspect of the line, from the specially sourced leads to sharpening-caps and water-resistant fillers, has been specifically formulated for beautiful eyebrows with every stroke for a look that is truly customised to your face. Customers will not only receive an item that is easy-to-use (and easy-to-love,) but also a complete understanding of optimal brow maintenance through exclusive access to beauty tutorials taught directly by Tonya and The BrowGal team.

Established and based in Los Angeles, The BrowGal products are a celebrity favourite and ideal choice for fuller, thicker eyebrows everyone can work – no stencils necessary.

Shape up with The BrowGal, and do your face a favour!

“No cookie cutter brows.”
– The BrowGal

The BrowGal was created by Tonya Crooks, a fine artist turned celebrity makeup artist and brow expert. Tonya was able to apply her background in fine art to her makeup and eyebrow product lines, creating a unique range for her clients.

After years of being dissatisfied by the cookie cutter factory colours that showed up in most other brands, Tonya dedicated over 3 years to hand mixing her own brow colours to suit the needs of all ethnicities and nationalities she was servicing in her brow studio. Most of her clients are busy women and men who need great brows and quick fixes on the run, so Tonya designed a built-in sharpener to her pencils, a highlighter that could act as a contour pen, and a gel that would set and “waterproof” her clients’ brows all day. These innovations, combined with harder pencil lead to make the pencil strokes look more natural, were small but effective changes that show Tonya’s attention to detail.

Crooks also found that many of the competitive products she was working with took the easy route in teaching customers how to maintain their brows. Tonya comes from a school of thought that there is a brow artist in everyone. This doesn’t include stencils or threading, but customisation through education and seeing each face like an artist does – as a blank canvas. The BrowGal shares all of our education with how-to videos, step-by-step guides, and brow experts Tonya has personally trained to convey this you. Not only will each customer get a colour range to better match their hair and skin tone, but will also receive custom brows to fit their unique facial structure. The eyebrow is now a prominent statement on the face, and each customer should have a brow perfectly crafted to what fits him or her best, making each client look younger and healthier in the process.

The BrowGal believes in complete education with a no BS approach to beauty. We want to give away all the professional secrets so you can create unique brows that match your face. No cookie cutter brows and no gimmicks. This is at the core of The BrowGal philosophy.

The BrowGal range is currently expanding with unique proprietary ingredients, including our RESTOPLEX technology in certain products. Restoplex will help condition and enhance the fullness of the brows with each step in the eyebrow maintenance process. This technology will be in The BrowGal new mechanical detailer pencils as well as in the eyebrow enhancement serum to help customers keep up with the newest trend of thicker, manicured brows. The BrowGal is also looking beyond eyebrows in the near future. With the feedback from her celebrity clients, Crooks has begun to create a whole eye story of products. The collection of new products includes a lash enhancement eyeliner pen, lash enhancing voluminous mascara and a dramatic black kohl eye lining pencil coming soon.

Become a part of our BrowGal family and Do Your Face A Favor!